Innovative technologies meet innovative business models, Videre Global has developed a proprietary, innovative technology platform revolutionising the energy market and access to energy, meet the Vero Grid.

Vero is a cost effective 24 hour off-grid energy and infrastructure that enables homeowners, businesses, schools, medical clinics, everyone, the whole community easy access to energy through Pay As You Go technology which allows our customers to prepay and connect to a reliable power supply via a smart meter all delivered via a Solar Photovoltaic plant for daytime power needs, solar charged battery storage capability to service all other hours.

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Our innovative solution offers a new and exciting way to provide power to all making a real impact not just to the individual level but whole community as we provide enough energy for homes, businesses, medical clinics, and schools to be productive for as long as they need throughout the year.

Our approach benefits our customers and investors as our model is scaleable reducing risk and making investments more bankable by using secure data to accurately predict our revenue streams.

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For more information on Vero and to find out where a Vero Grid will be available next, contact the team at