Videre Global establishes new regional headquarters in South Africa

Videre Global, a Newcastle based developer of solar PV and renewable energy products and projects, has opened a new regional headquarters in the South African province of Gauteng, as the company aims to expand strategically into the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the neighboring regions.

african man waving a south african flag on beach, new south afriAt the forefront of renewable energy innovation the opening of Videre’s new regional headquarters in South Africa will help develop the already successful retail part of the business. With an exciting portfolio of energy saving solar and LED products demand has been high and the opening of the new base will allow the company to better service their growing customer base.

As well as the retail focus the new HQ will allow Videre to capture a number of larger scale opportunities in the region. Videre has appointed Blake Morgan as it’s distributor and director of the regional office, located in Benoni.

Support for renewable energy development in South Africa has been given solid backing by the government with the Department of Energy (DoE) set to make adequate and affordable energy available to developing communities through a mix of providing alternative energy resources at a reasonable cost. The aim is to satisfy the basic needs of the developing sector and at the same time promote the effective utilisation of South Africa’s vast alternative energy sources.

Today an estimated 560 million Africans live without electricity. Darkness and a lack of power are holding entire regions back socially and economically, Videre believes that access to effective energy efficient and sustainable solar power has the potential to strengthen South Africa and the SADC regions economic, social, educational and cultural activities in a life-changing way.