As South Africa confronts the momentous social and economic changes it faces as improvement to social housing gets underway and reliable electricity plays a major hindrance in development, Videre Global are proud to donate 5 Solar Home Packs to the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development for the Gauteng Province.

Using the latest solar technology our powerful solar home pack is designed to give households a reliable source of electricity.

Our innovative technology provides a lighting solution which can be easily installed into the home with minimal fuss giving the household an instant source of power.

Installing a Videre Global Solar Home Pack reduces the households dependency on conventional power giving them energy independence.

Our solar home pack works with existing power supplies monitoring this source, if this is shut down our system automatically recognises this and switches to it’s battery meaning that no interruption to electricity is lost.

The system can also be installed where no current electricity supply is present.

  • Energy independence… complete solar home lighting system that reduces your dependency on conventional power.
  • Easy install process… does not require an electrician or trained service person. All required components are included for a fast and easy installation.
  • High tech monitoring… system keeps your lights on even if power from the grid is shut down providing you with constant power.

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